Isabella Billiet



Isabella Billiet is born in Belgium, 1966. 

She lives and works in Ghent (BE). 

Graduated in Art History, self-educated artist


I want to show the fragility and the poetic beauty of life, to reveal the part of spiritual in the daily reality. I try to explore the field between the infinite and the ephemeral, between the dynamic and the static. 

I make paintings inspired by the nature surrounding us and I often work with photography, where themes such as light, colour and emotion are important. 

My work is an attempt to give a view of my inner experience, focused on subtle emotions and the abstract. It is not always connected to the visual reality. 

A counterweight to the complex, chaotic and pervasive way I perceive today's world.


2019, December, 15, Undergroud VII, Art event, group exhibition, Gent, Belgium

2019, February, 1-14, group exhibition, Vitrines d’Amour, Gent, Belgium

2018, October, Nucleo Open Ateliers #12, group exhibition, Gent, Belgium –– “L’eau et le nuage”


+32 474 09 51 77 



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